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Look for the Origins booth at the upcoming Great Homeschool Conventions event in
Fort Worth, Texas, on March 17th-19th, 2016, at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Origins Learning Services will be presenting:

This session will inform attendees about successful methods to both correct and, more importantly, prevent all types of learning disorders. The research of Dr. Samuel Orton and Dr. Hilde Mosse will be discussed and disseminated including their concepts of multi-sensory, explicit phonics methods. I will explain and discuss the distinctions Orton and Mosse make between "organic" and "inorganic" dyslexia and give practical teaching tips and methods (including the importation of dictation) which are in keeping with their findings. Dr. Mosse, in particular, offers great hope for those students who have been labeled "dyslexic" and writes that the "prognosis for those with learning disorders is excellent. Only the most severe cases cannot be completely cured." This session offers the much needed hope for parents whose children have been labeled with learning disorders.

DATE: Friday, March 18th
SPEAKER: Jennifer Garza, Origins Learning Services
TIME and LOCATION: 4:00-5:00PM, Room 106

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Training Workshops - Spelling and Reading

Origins Spelling and Reading Teacher Training Workshops
16- hours of Instruction (up to 50 Teachers per session)
COST: $5,600 for 16-hour

Required Materials:
Origins Spelling and Reading Teacher's Manual K-4; set of Origins Phonogram Cards, middle-dotted line paper (may be copied from the Manual)

Prior To The Course:
Teachers are asked to review our website and become familiar with the back of the Phonogram Cards. Teachers will learn the research behind our explicit, multi-sensory method, how to prevent and correct learning disorders, modeling of phonograms, dictation of the Language Notebook, the mnemonic marking system, motivation of students, assessments and how to use them, manual features, lesson plans and pacing.

Travel and Expenses:

If your location is within a three hour drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth area fair mileage fuel reimbursement is required. If your location is more than a three hour drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, business class airline arrangements with adequate advance notice purchasing is required, as well as reasonable hotel accommodations.


Consulting Services - Origins Learning Services

16- hours of Instruction (up to 50 Teachers per session)

COST: $100.00 per hour
*Travel and Expense arrangements apply.

Most schools like to add a follow up visit and schedule 45-minute teacher observations, which include a detailed evaluation form with commentary.

Video Conferencing:
For follow up Question and Answers session may also be scheduled at the same consulting rate above.




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